Friday, October 17, 2008

What a great day! Sinje came in the morning. She was feeling very low, but we were all happy to see her. She said she was stressed out about money and feeling like a fool sitting with us on Prince Street all day, just talking to people. We told her that we enjoyed playing on the table and that we loved the people who stopped to look at us, so Sinje took us out to play. Then it began to drizzle and we heard Sinje making plans to meet with her husband for lunch--uptown. She said she was going to pack things up. Just then a guy stopped dead in front of us and said: "I love these!" He was fascinated, and before we knew it, he carried one of us off. This was our first adoption. Right at that moment it stopped drizzling. Then two more of us were adopted, both by the same woman, a yoga teacher from Italy. Yoga in Italy! Suddenly, Sinje was just as sunny as the weather. Her husband came to visit downtown and gave her a huge hug. She seemed so glad that some of us had left that we began to wonder... But she reassured us that we are all very much loved and that she will miss all of us when we are adopted.

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