Saturday, December 27, 2008

2009 Monthly Anne Ragg Raffle!

Sorry, you guys, but this one is not part of the raffle. I had to let the box appear under every post because of the way blogspot works :-).

Something very exciting has happened. As of January 1st 2009, Sinje will make one new Anne every other day. She will post the newest Anne on our blog. Anyone who wants can vote for us during the month (but only once a day!). You can vote each day, or any day you choose. At the end of the month Sinje will count the votes and determine which three of us were the most popular. Everyone who wants to join the raffle can enter their name. Sinje will then put all the names of the people who registered for the raffle, and pull out a winner who will win the Anne with the most votes. That winner will win one of the three Annes. How exciting is this! We are going to have our very own Anne Ragg raffle!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

It has been a while since we wrote and much has happened! Thanksgiving week was so cold that we could not come out at all. We spent the whole week hauled up at home, but Sinje made so many of us that we came out with three times more Annes than before! Friday after Thanksgiving we finally went out to our stand and spent the whole day in the cold, watching the "After-Thanksgiving-Feeding-Frenzy".

It was fun to watch so many people on the street, but it was still very very cold. Unfortunately, Sinje got sick the next day and felt totally demoralized about having done so much work on us and then having to lie down for a whole week. Then of course, as these things go, everyone else got sick in the household and Sinje had to take care of her family. Needless to say Christmas was here before she knew it. We didn't make it out to our street stand once because of all the chaos. This made us sit down and think very long and hard about our current setup, and it was decided (by majority vote) that we will not be out on the street again until at least April. In the meantime we will try to populate some of the New York Yoga studios. And we have found a new home on ETSY, this wonderful site where high quality home-made art lives and thrives. So please come visit us on Etsy!

Merry Christmas everyone!