Thursday, October 2, 2008

Last night Sinje, our owner, wrapped all of us up in bubble wrap and stored us carefully in little portable storage containers.

We could feel that something big was about to happen to us. This morning, she carried us off into the subway. Boy, were we surprised to exit the C train on Spring Street and see the streets of Soho. So this is where we are going to live for the time being. Sinje stopped at a beautiful loft on Prince and Wooster. Apparently she had something stored there. It turned out to be a vendor's table. Thirty minutes later, we were all dancing on a black tablecloth in the sun.
It was a little windy, but the spot is really nice.

We camped directly in front of a shoe store called “Camper.” The smells of really good food from Calexico, the world’s best burrito stand, drifted into our noses.

Some of us had trouble keeping our yoga poses! The guys from the stand were supposed to bring us a steak burrito, but they got too busy, so we had to go pick it up. Lots of people stopped by our table. It looked so pretty with the colorful yoga mats on the black cloth. A few people even said we looked "amazing" (we agreed wholeheartedly). Sinje was pretty excited to be in Soho, too. She kept pointing at people’s shoes. Lots of really amazing shoes walked by us. The women of Soho are so elegant! At 1:30, we all climbed back into our bubble wrap and went back to the beautiful Soho Loft, which—it turns out—is our new home for the time being. Sinje said she would see us all again on Tuesday, and we waved her good bye. This loft is not a bad foster home until we have found some new homes to go to.

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