Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Today we got to our corner on Prince and Wooster at 10 a.m.. First, we talked to the really interesting woman who owns the loft we are staying in. She is an artist named Hanne Tierney. Hanne has lived in New York for fifty years. Wow. That is so much longer than any of us is old! She is a puppeteer.

There are all kinds of dolls in her house. Hanne runs a theater in Crown Heights in Brooklyn called FiveMyles where she puts on art shows and does her puppetry. Lots of kids from the neighborhood come and dance at her street parties. Maybe someday she’ll let us dance there, too.
The rest of today was pretty exciting. Sinje put us on the table and drank a delicious-looking cappuccino. At first people just wanted to get directions. There are so many people in Soho who are lost.

“Excuse me, which way to Little Italy?”

“Where is Greenwhich Village?”

“Where is West Broadway?”

We were so impressed that Sinje actually knew all of the answers to these questions. Then some people got really interested in us. They wanted to know if we cost money and how much! Sinje explained that there was a small adoption fee. We actually all have our own birth certificates!

We had no idea. So far we are all still together, but that’s okay. We like it here on Prince and Wooster. The guys from the burrito stand made us another excellent lunch. This week we are here on Tuesday and Wednesday because Thursday is Yom Kippur, and Sinje is going to play with her daughter. We think we heard her say they are going to the Bronx Zoo together. We would really like to go and see the gorillas, but we have to stay in Soho :-(

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