Friday, October 31, 2008

Today was cold (37F BRRRR), but really sunny. We tried out a new spot a couple of buildings over, thinking there would be more sun there, but we were mistaken. Turns out the sun is in our old spot form 10-12 and in the new one from 12-2. Sinje's husband, Adam, came to visit us. We really like him. He is a fantastic cellist.

About twenty minutes after he came, the sun went away and he helped us move back again.

People gave us a few thumbs up and a yoga studio owner from Brooklyn wanted to know whether lots of us might be willing to move in with her. We haven't been to Brooklyn in so long that we got really excited abut the idea. Later we talked to Erin. She was standing next to us today. Erin sews animals onto onesies and T-shirts. We really like them, but they are a little too big for us. Erin got really excited when she heard that some of us are going to swing on trapezes soon, because she has a spiral staircase in her apartment that she says looks kind of barren. Next, we'll be flying. We can't wait!

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