Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cold, cold, cold. We have to get warmer clothing. Scarves? At least it was sunny. We came out to play at 10 and played until 2:30 today, even though it was so cold. A few people noticed that we come in all colors now. There are so many of us!

Kids like us, too! Everyone wanted to know if Sinje had knitted the coat she was wearing (she had). So now Sinje is thinking of selling her coats and putting them on the table with us. She thought about this once before and had a photographer take a picture of it (on a model).

We hope we will still have enough space, and we are a little worried that Sinje won't need us anymore, but once again, she reassured us that we are all very much loved. Besides, she said that there are complications with selling coats from a street stand. Apparently you have to have a kind of vendor's permit that is only given to war veterans. You can't sell anything but art on the street unless you are a war veteran? That is so strange. It's the city's way of making sure the streets are not flooded with random people selling random stuff, Sinje explained to us. She smiled and said that she might not be allowed to sell her coat on the street, but no one could forbid her to promote it!

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