Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sinje is crying. We are very puzzled about this, as is she. We all thought that she would be jumping around after Obama won, but she just went into a state, and today when she woke up she started crying. She thinks these are tears of relief, realizing only now how scared she has been about what could have happened, and how angry and sad she feels about what has happened over the last eight years. But there is much more there. We'll find out about it over time, I think. For now we just have to live with a very emotional owner who keeps running out of the room quickly, so her kids won't see her burst into tears again. But Sinje was also really happy. So happy that she decided to take us out onto Prince street today to dance, even though it is not Thursday yet (our usual day out). Tomorrow it's supposed to rain anyway, so we were thrilled. At 2 p.m., a very nice woman with the beautiful name of Alystyre stopped by and wanted to take two of us with her. She didn't have any money on her, though, so she said she would try to call Sinje tomorrow to arrange a meeting (in case it rained). What a nice end of the day... :-)

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