Thursday, November 6, 2008

It rained today so we couldn't go outside, but Alystyre called and adopted two of us.

We were very happy because she seemed like such a nice woman. She is a yoga teacher and a screen writer who has lived in Soho for 16 years. She's giving the Annes to her friend, who also loves yoga. :-)

Sinje is still feeling very emotional. She watched The View and heard Whoopie Goldberg say: "Now I can finally put my suitcase down." So Sinje told us, "I'll make you all suitcases, so you can put them down, too." We don't think she meant that literally, but we really appreciated it. At night, Sinje read Faith Ringgold's book about Martin Luther King to her daughter. It's all about his "I Have A Dream" speech, and how he saw the Promised Land but didn't think he'd get there--although he hoped that we would get there someday. Sinje says we are seeing it too, now.

When the kids were asleep, we all sat in silence for a while and thought about all the people in the world who feel oppressed or desperate. And then we sang "We Shall Overcome" for all of them.

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